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Why should landlords improve the energy efficiency of their London homes?

London rental properties need to be on the ball when it comes to their energy efficiency. The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is one of the most important tools in this processIt’s important, therefore, for landlords to pay close attention to EPC Legislation 2025 and how it may impact them. Read on as Rickman Properties explains what EPC is, what the latest legislation entails and what London landlords need to do next.

What is the EPC?

The EPC is a certificate that demonstrates the energy efficiency of a property. Properties are ranked from A to G – A being the best and G the worst. In recent years, this requirement was further enhanced with the introduction of MEES (Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard). This aimed to improve the energy efficiency and quality of all UK rented (domestic and non-domestic) properties. Latest EPC Legislation 2025 (driven by objectives for the country to be ‘Net Zero’ by 2050) from the UK government states that by 2025, new tenants will need a C rating or above to reduce carbon emissions. This rule will apply to existing tenancies by 2028 too. 

Landlords must be sure their properties meet this requirement – unless they want to pay a fine for non-compliance, with the risk of being unable to rent the property. The EPC is valid for 10 years – improving the rating increases your property´s value, while reducing its carbon footprint. 

How is EPC calculated?

Steps to receive your EPC includes: an energy assessor will visit your property, ask you to complete a survey, take photos and then calculate the EPC rating. This rating is calculated by checking some aspects like the efficiency of the heating system, ventilation, air leakage, the use of renewable energy technologies, the level of thermal insulation and the construction materials. 

According to the points you get, you will be rated the following:

EPC rating A = 92-100 SAP points

EPC rating B = 81-91 SAP points

EPC rating C = 69-80 SAP points

EPC rating D = 55-68 SAP points

EPC rating E = 39-54 SAP points

EPC rating F = 21-38 SAP points

EPC rating G = 1-20 SAP points

How to improve your EPC rating?

Some recommendations to improve your EPC rating are the following:

● Replace traditional lightbulbs with energy-efficient LEDs that can reduce your carbon dioxide emissions by up to 40kg a year;

● Install heating controls to have the property warm without overheating or wasting energy;

● Replace the boiler. Modern boilers are more efficient as they condense the heat from the exhaust flue gas to heat the central heating water;

● Install solar panels as they are a domestic renewable energy source;

● Include thermally efficient doors and windows;

● Check the internal wall and underfloor insulation.

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