couple packing up downsizing

The Trials and Tribulations of Downsizing (Part 2)

We hope you enjoyed Part 1 of this two-part series on how to forego the trials and tribulations of downsizing. It’s time to get back out your pad and paper out and put your organisation hat on. In Part 2, we’ll be continuing our discussion of packing up your current property and final tips on moving in!

Packing up! (continued…)

In Part 1, we discussed organising both larger and small items into three discrete groups while packing up: Keep, Not sure, and Unwanted. 

Now you’ve got your 3 groups, plan your move accordingly with this easy checklist:

1.      Keep: If these items have a lucky place in your new home, plan for how they will be transported. Can you ask friends or family with transport for help, or do you require the assistance of a specialised company? Once arrived, will you need help hauling them into your new home or apartment? Similarly, ask friends or family to keep your moving day free well in advance. If these items don’t fit into your new home, research and secure an external storage facility for these items.

2.      Not sure: Resist the urge to shove uncertainties into storage, this will cost you money and bother in the future. If the choice is incomprehensible at the present time however, set yourself a time limit on how long you can keep certain items in storage, say 3-6 months. During this time, you’ll notice whether you miss it or not. If you’re not ready to part with certain possessions in your life but you don’t see a space for them, think about whether they’ll be more loved and better utilised by a family member or close friend – this will give you comfort they’re going to a deserving home and that they won’t totally be out of your life.

3.      Chuck: It’s not environmentally or socially astute to simply transport unwanted items to the tip to meet their fate in landfill. If tech-savvy, put items up for sale on eBay and clothes on Depop, or go old-school by researching local car-boot sales. Consider donating good quality items or furnishings to charity shops, or research and contact local charities or social clubs that you think would better use them. Finally, ask neighbours if they’d like anything. We know, this takes time, so plan in advance.

Quick tips: Don’t transport unnecessary paperwork – digitise if possible. And avoid kitchenware duplicates, you don’t need two peelers.

Moving in!

Firstly, try to unpack as soon as you can and don’t shove unopened boxes into cupboards never to be opened again. The task of unpacking will only seem more daunting the longer you leave it. If you’ve got physical ailments, don’t suffer this process in silence – always ask for help!

Our most important tip when moving into a downsized property is optimising or creating storage space in imaginative ways – think of it as your new project. If you’ve needed to purchase a new bed, we’d recommend getting one with under-bed storage for discreet tidiness. Optimise clothing storage with crafty folding techniques and fit a clothing rail on an unused wall if space really is at a premium. For items you only need seasonally, look up to fitting shelves higher than you usually would. In the kitchen, fit hooks under cupboards to dangle the overflow of utensils or mugs.


We hope you enjoyed this two-part series on downsizing! Although this large list may seem daunting, an easier process of moving and your streamlined life in your new property will be well worth it!  At Rickman Properties, we’re always on hand to answer any further moving queries and offer some advice. Contact us on 0207 937 9777.