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Time for Spring Cleaning! Here are 3 overlooked Tasks that Protect your Property Investment

Spring – the season of new beginnings – feels well and truly here. With the warmer weather and lighter evenings comes, for many of us, the urge to freshen things up around the house! Perhaps the annual ritual of Spring cleaning comes at an even more significant time this year, as we soon invite friends and family into our homes and dedicate our spare time to enjoying the relaxation of lockdown restrictions. 

We admit Spring cleaning isn’t always the most pleasurable task, especially if you decide to tackle chores that require a bit of elbow grease! But we’d like to convince you why you shouldn’t ignore more arduous jobs if you’re serious about preserving the condition of your London property.

Remember: keeping your home in tip-top shape is crucial to averting any costly replacements or refurbishments when you decide to sell up or rent out.

So, in the spirit of Spring cleaning, it’s time to get down and dirty with 3 overlooked – but essential – Spring cleaning chores…

  1. Cleaning the Oven

According to a survey by Tombola, cleaning the oven is Britain’s most hated chore, and we can understand why. This appliance requires time, patience and a bit of hard work!

But it’s a cleaning job that shouldn’t be neglected. An oven containing built-up grease and food debris can cause dangerous grease fires and be a harbinger of germs. A dirty oven will also have to work harder to heat up and maintain its cooking temperature, resulting in a shorter oven life and an expensive replacement bill.

With regular cleaning, you can expect better performance and longevity from your oven.

TIP: Your oven must always be fully cool before cleaning – don’t rush things after making dinner

  1. Bathroom and Kitchen Grout

Bathroom and kitchen tiles can give a lovely stylish look to your home, and (usually) require minimal upkeep. However, the grout lines that hold the tile in place can prove a little peskier, slowly collecting dirt, stains, mildew and mould. This results in a rather grimy finish to your London home – an absolute no-no when it comes to selling or renting your property.

Regular cleaning is key. Humidity and dampness in your bathroom enhance the growth of mould and mildew, forming unsightly black clusters that can be hard to remove. Aim to wipe down your bathroom after each shower to prevent growth. In the kitchen, splashes of food are your worst enemy, especially for white grouting. Wipe down each day to avoid discolouration.

When it comes to a deep Spring clean, the most common method involves (safely) scrubbing bleach directly onto the grouting with a bristle brush. You can also purchase specialised grout cleaners and mould and mildew treatment if that works better for you.

TIP: For discolouration that won’t budge, use a grout pen for some fresh colour, and voila – good as new before a viewing!

  1. Don’t forget the curtains

Good quality curtains are a great property investment, contributing to the overall aesthetic of your home. But even though they might look clean, they may be slowly collecting dust, dirt and an unappealing odour. Without regular cleaning, the wear and tear will start to show!

TIP: Make sure you keep your London property looking and smelling fresh by incorporating your curtains into your annual Spring cleaning ritual.

Always check the label. Some curtains are fully machine washable, whereas more delicate fabrics – from silk to linen – will require dry cleaning or specialist treatment. If in doubt, we recommend putting your feet up and getting these professionally done.