Organising your new home as you unpack

A new home invites the opportunity for a brand-new chapter in your life. It’s a blank slate for you to build on to suit your lifestyle. So why not take advantage of this and achieve the best quality of life yourself? Here we discuss how you can ensure you’re organising your new home to the fullest whilst you unpack, which will make your life a whole lot easier this time around! 

If you haven’t already, please refer to our top 10 tips to make moving day easier to ensure our instructive unpacking process is as clear as possible.

Storage is key

As tempting as it can be to unload quickly as you near toward the end of your moving day palaver, the unpacking stage is crucial to ensure the best quality of living in your new home, so it certainly shouldn’t be rushed! One of the biggest mistakes people make when moving is not leaving enough time to unpack and organise their home.

To ensure your unpacking process is as seamless as possible, pay attention to whether any room is short on countertop or cabinet space first. Install shelving and closet organising units to avoid cramming all your items into a tiny space that will hide most of them from view. In places like the bathroom, we suggest itemising your essentials into different containers such as sanitary wear, makeup, and teeth hygiene. This way, each category is easy to find whilst highlighting exactly how much you have of something. Most of the time it’s useful to store your items in the rooms that you’re going to be using them in too. For example, if you prep your makeup or hair in your dressing room, keep those essentials stored in there rather than the bathroom.

Tip: Store similar items in the same place rather than scattering them throughout the home. This way you’re aware of exactly what you own, and what you need, avoiding any unnecessary purchases.

Begin with the essentials 

When unpacking we suggest you move from room to room, focusing on the principle areas first, like the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. Hopefully, you followed our advice and labelled each box, its contents, and which room it belongs to so you can easily identify what’s what. If not, take a peep at the contents before emptying it, to avoid unpacking too many boxes at once and feeling overwhelmed.

Tip: Ensure all major appliances like the fridge and any smaller appliances like a microwave are plugged in and set up correctly first. Refer to the manuals if you’re unsure how to set them up correctly.

The last chance to declutter

Unpacking is the perfect time to make sure old clutter isn’t filling up your new space. Hopefully, you followed our previous advice and decluttered before packing. But of course, there are always some items leftover, perhaps some you were unsure of before. Whilst unloading, if you come across an item you haven’t used in a while, then it probably won’t serve you in your new home either. So, we suggest to either sell, donate or throw it out. Remember, this is the chance to start afresh!

Tip: In the kitchen, decant food into glass jars so it stays fresher for longer and takes away the visual clutter of all the packaging.