summer home maintenance

How to Maintain your Home in Summer

Rickman Properties provides tips on how you can maintain your home and make a strong impression during the summer months. As The Guild of Property Professionals state, first impressions count. A buyer’s impression is not only formed by what they see in the interior – it starts from the outside. Although it’s important to maintain the exterior of your property all year round, summer is a great time to be working outside!

Clean Your Patio

When it comes to cleaning your patio, a pressure washer is ‘man’s best friend’. Used properly and this handy tool will leave your patio looking brand new.
TIP: while using your pressure washer, pay attention to any parts of the patio that need repair or weeding.

Take Care of Your Plants

Removing dead plants and weeds is mainly a job left for Spring when you’re planting new greenery and getting ready for your garden to bloom. But during the summer months, your plants need extra care, especially if it’s extra hot. To prevent your plants from hanging their heads during a sunny or dry spell, they need plenty of water.

TIP: generally, water liberally once or twice a week making sure to keep the leaves dry and, in the evening, or early in the morning.

Clear the Gutters

Now’s a great time to check your gutters for any clogs, to avoid any damage during the following autumn when more leaves and rain ‘fall’. Overtime, natural debris builds up in your gutter systems, forming a black muck that blocks the waterflow in your drainage. If neglected, this leads to leaking or overflow, thus putting your home at risk of water damage.

TIP: It’s recommended you check your gutters twice a year. But if you live next to deciduous plants that lose all their leaves part of the year or those that drop debris like pines often, we suggest you check more often than not!

Time to Paint

Paint jobs don’t happen in winter just because of the cold weather! In order for your paint job to be a success, the weather needs to cooperate.  Summer tends to be the ideal time for painting as the weather is typically dry and warm. Don’t underestimate the impact of a good coat of paint on fences, sheds and other wood in your garden. Consider a neutral colour that will bring a fresh palatable look. Alternatively, painting a bold colour on your front door will add the extra wow-factor!

TIP: Check the weather forecast before you commence your paint job. If it rains before you paint, the wood might need a couple of days to completely dry before painting. The same goes for after the application – you don’t want it to rain the day after you complete the job when the paint is still curing.

Following these steps will not only make a great first impression for potential buyers, but will leave your property in great shape for the summer months for the occupants to enjoy when the sun shines. Moreover, it will leave your property in good stead for the following seasons when these issues can be harder to solve.