London Housing Market and Tunnel

How to Navigate the London Housing Market in 2022

UK Real Estate this Autumn

According to Forbes, the UK real estate market showed 10% annual house price growth in August, which is down from 11.0%. With inflation putting more pressure on families, this 1% decrease represents a relatively small reduction in housing prices at 1%, despite increased financial pressure. However, as of July 2022, the London housing market is showing the lowest annual house price growth with a percentage change of 9.2% as compared to North West for example, at 18.1%.

Robert Gardner, Nationwide’s chief economist, said: “There are signs the housing market is losing some momentum, with surveyors reporting fewer new buyer enquiries in recent months and the number of mortgage approvals for house purchases falling below pre-pandemic levels.”The Stamp Duty Land Tax cut put in place as of 23 September is expected to stimulate the market and encourage more people to buy and sell homes, especially in England and Northern Ireland.

Read on as Rickman Properties explains how a London estate agent like them can help you get the most for your London home on the market in Autumn 2022.

What does an Estate Agent do?

Estate Agents are responsible for staying up-to-date on the market’s state at any given time. They wear many hats; from helping their clients determine the value and price of their homes, to managing online and organic marketing once a home has been put up for sale.

Here’s a few things a London estate agent like Rickman Properties can do to maximise your home’s visibility on the market this Autumn:

  1. Valuation and Pricing: It’s hard to know how you should price your home. You might know an estimate of house prices in your borough, but having an expert estate agent that can evaluate all the specifics of your home, property size, location, and more gives you a much more accurate gauge of what you can expect to sell your home for.
  2. Marketing: Ensuring a listing is accessible to your target market is one of the most important components of selling your house. Working with a London estate agent that’s well connected ensures this process is more efficient. It allows clients to outsource marketing so you can focus on other things like staging your London home and preparing for viewings. A good estate agent will know how to market not only through word of mouth and networking, but also through digital and social media channels to increase reach.
  3. Viewings: Your estate agent will schedule and coordinate open houses and viewings to show homes to prospective buyers. An agent will study your London property inside and out, and this allows them to highlight some of its more unique qualities during viewings.
  4. Negotiations: Once your estate agent has sparked buyers’ interest in your listing, an offer will be made. Your estate agent is well-equipped to handle negotiations and ensure that you get a good price for your property. Since estate agents have access to a lot of market data in your borough, they’ll know when an offer is simply too low. 

Partnering with an estate agent you trust is of the utmost importance during the process of selling your London property. You’ll need to know that they are making the correct assessments and are working efficiently to make the process as smooth as possible.

At Rickman Properties, our London estate agents are well connected, passionate, and boast excellent sales portfolios. We prioritise staying up to date with the latest changes in legislation and how this can affect buyer and seller positions. And of course, Rickman Properties estate agents are on hand to give the best advice– an invaluable asset when buying or selling in an ever-changing market. We work with our clients, aiming for the best results possible, regardless of market conditions.

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