park in kensington with arch covered in plants

How Buying Kensington and Chelsea Property Has Changed in 2020: Part 1

The past year has been an interesting time for London real estate, from the Covid-induced housing market freeze in March, ‘virtual viewings’ becoming the norm through to May and a stamp duty scrap on house purchases of up to £500,000 until March 2021. But it’s the effects of the ‘new normal’, from becoming a nation of home workers to spending more time appreciating open-air green spaces, which may alter the London property market for good. Here’s Part I on how exactly homeowners are reassessing their London property priorities when buying Kensington and Chelsea property.

Access to outside spaces in Kensington and Chelsea

An emerging requirement in London real estate is easy access to green, outside spaces, allowing one to venture outdoors whilst remaining at a happy distance from others or to enjoy when pubs and restaurants are (sadly) closed. Well, good news, this means the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is full of prime postcodes!

Obtaining worldwide fame from the 1999 film ‘Notting Hill’, acquiring access to communal gardens exclusively for residents in the surrounding community is a prime post-Covid home addition. As the film suggests, West London has a number of these desirable spots. To name a few:

Another favourite of West Londoners relishing the outdoors are the plush public spaces of Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, and Holland Park – all perfect for Saturday morning strolls, PT sessions or afternoon activities with the little ones.

Once the private gardens of Kensington Palace, Kensington Gardens covers an area of 264 acres and includes outdoor delights for all ages, including the ornate Italian Gardens, a 150-year-old water garden created as a gift from Prince Albert to Queen Victoria, to the Diana Memorial Playground, free for children to enjoy. Kensington Gardens adjoins the expansive, Grade 1-listed 350 acres of Hyde Park, offering a range of leisure activities, from boating on the Serpentine and a range of memorials and unique wildlife to discover.

This makes Hyde Park Gate, South Kensington, SW7 – a street parallel to the southern boundary of Kensington Gardens – a prime London real estate location. Experts of the area, Rickman Properties London, now have a number of these superb residences up for rent. Click here and here to take a peak.

As you could have guessed, Holland Park contains a 54-acre public park perfect for when you need some fresh air away from your home office (more on that in Part II). The park contains an array of outdoor amenities, including a large woodland, a playground, tennis courts, a cricket pitch and two impressive Japanese gardens which will form magical winter scenes– the Kyoto Garden and Fukushima Memorial Garden. The park is situated just off High Street Kensington, an area featuring an array of superb residential properties. Now on the market are:


In Part II we’ll be discussing other strong performing properties in Kensington and Chelsea and why. In the meantime, for information on our superb Royal Borough, read our blog on the local area here – Part I and Part II.