staging a home

How to employ home staging when selling a property

If you’re thinking about selling or letting your property, here are a few expert ideas on how best to dress it for a quick turnaround with home staging.

Clean and Avoid Clutter

Clearing every nook and cranny creates clean, crisp and valuable spaces that viewers can connect with as they visualise living in the property. Once you’ve freed yourself of those unwanted items, it’s a good idea to put away things you don’t use on a daily basis so viewers aren’t distracted. Think about clearing kitchen work surfaces, on top of drawers, around the bath and sink. Pay attention to the arrangement of your furniture too, allowing plenty of room for people to walk around.

Once you’ve decluttered it’s important to strike a balance between clean and lived-in. So it’s time to spruce up the place before bringing a few elements back in that make the home appealing. Clean each room top to bottom and remember to dust above wardrobes, shelves or any places that have been recently unearthed!

Freshen Things Up

Help viewers imagine themselves living in your property by removing particular personal items like children’s posters, walls full of photos and toy collections. Once cleared you’ll be able to freshen up rooms with a new lick of paint!          

A fresh neutral paint will do wonders for your property – it will brighten up rooms and encourage the feeling of spaciousness. Even the front door should be brought back to life, it’s one of the first things the viewers will see after all. Installing a mirror in any tight spaces like a hallway will help create the illusion of space too. Consider waxing wooden floors and applying orange oil to cabinets that appear dry to renew their lustre. This blank canvas will make a good first impression and help viewers imagine how they would adapt rooms to their needs.

Flower Power

Introduce some life into your property by bringing the outdoors in. The use of greenery and plants adds tranquility to a space, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A bunch of flowers placed in a few rooms encourages a homely feel too.

The Little Things Count

Before welcoming viewers it’s time for a little home improvement. Be sure to deal with all the little repairs you’ve been avoiding like holes in the wall, leaking pipes, knocked skirting boards and blown light bulbs. Dressing the rooms with new window treatments, fresh bathroom towels and clean white bed linens are small but effective to the overall look of a space as well and can be taken with you once the deal is done!

Pay attention to the senses

Bad odours are a big turn off so instead of trying to cover them up, look for the source of the smell. Clear drains, air the kitchen from old cooking smells, get rid of furniture embedded with odd odours and clear bins.

Once the stage is set and visits commence, make sure rooms are well-lit. No-one wants to make an investment in something they can’t see properly! If your property has dark rooms with few windows, think about installing some extra lights in advance.

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