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Covid-19-Safe Real Estate Viewing in London

In August, we provided you with a fool-proof property viewing checklist, from checking phone signal to seeing how long it takes for the water to run hot. So, it’s only fitting we follow this by outlining Rickman Properties London’s advice Covid-19-safe real estate viewing . Viewing properties or having your property viewed in Kensington, Chelsea, Earls Court and other West London areas shouldn’t be inhibited by the recent pandemic, but you should be mindful how to safely view properties in the ‘new normal’.

Viewing London Real Estate

  1. You must wear a face-covering to view a property. Ensure you come equipped with a mask otherwise you will not be able to view.
  2. At Rickman Properties London, we ask every client with a viewing enquiring several questions related to their potential contact with the virus, including whether you have been abroad recently and if you have been in contact with an infected person. If we judge your risk to be too high, we will delay a physical viewing and also inquire about a virtual viewing. Rickman Properties London will assure this is organised seamlessly.
  3. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after viewing the property. Rickman Properties London staff carry hand sanitisers for clients to use before and after viewings to encourage additional hygienic practice.
  4. Do not touch surfaces unnecessarily whilst still carrying out a thorough viewing.
  5. Pick carefully who you bring to the viewing as you must restrict the number of accompanying individuals. In line with NAEA guidelines, at Rickman Properties London we now limit house viewings to two clients per viewing in order to safely practice social distancing. Protecting our clients’ health is paramount. We advise opting for a friend or family member whose opinion you especially trust, but rest assured our staff give top-notch advice when it comes to West London real estate.

Having your London Real Estate viewed

  1. Open all internal doors prior to the viewing to inhibit unnecessary touching of surfaces.
  2. Allow access to handwashing facilities, ideally opting for single-use paper towels which viewers can easily dispose of.
  3. If appropriate, vacate the property whilst the viewing is taking place and allow the Rickman Properties team to assist clients in order to minimise inter-household contact. If present, wear a face covering.
  4. Clean all surfaces, including door handles, after the viewing.


The Rickman Properties London team always has your safety and best interests in mind, so if you are unsure of any Covid-19 safe viewing advice, please contact us on info@rickmanproperties.com / 020 7937 9777.

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