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Buying or selling a property? How to choose the right London estate agent for you.

You’ve decided to move house. Now what? Find out how to choose an estate agent who will help you sell or buy your London property quickly and efficiently. Selling your home can be a complicated process, but with a good London estate agent, it doesn’t have to be!

Read on as Rickman Properties Limited explains how to simplify your buying or selling process by finding the right broker.

Factors to consider when choosing your London estate agent

  1. Know what to ask. When buying or selling your home, you’ll want to be sure you’re asking the right questions. Research and compile a list of questions before starting your estate agent search. This will help you decide who will work best with you based on your individualised needs and property location.

  2. Referrals & connections. Good London estate agents will likely have a portfolio of former clients. Don’t be afraid to ask around to see who they’ve successfully partnered with in the past. You’ll also want to be sure that your agent is well connected in your local market. This will decrease the time spent buying or selling a property and allow for more organic visibility of your listing. A well trained, experienced broker will have trustworthy connections to other real estate related professionals. This can include staging companies, real estate lawyers, photographers, and moving companies that you can rely on.

  3. Experience. It goes without saying that you’ll want to work with someone who is experienced, but this can look different depending on your needs. Consider choosing an agent that knows how to market your London listing and communicate with buyers and sellers in their network. Chances are, you won’t be in-the-know about the nuances of real estate, and having an agent that can offer support and suggestions to improve your chances of selling is crucial before entering into an agreement. You’ll also want to be sure that they have proven success selling homes in your area. At Rickman Properties, our clients have the extra comfort of knowing that agents at Rickman Properties are active members of the National Association of Estate Agents, The Association of Residential Letting Agents and The Ombudsman Scheme. We are proud to have been chosen to represent The Kensington area for ‘The Guild of professional estate agents’ as their only representative. The Guild has over 600 members in the U.K. and membership is by invitation only.

  4. Agency broker or independent broker? Don’t let well-known agencies dominate your estate agent list. While brokers at these agencies are experts in their craft, independent brokers will often have a unique perspective, connections, and skillset. Depending on your personal needs, this can function as an asset when selling or buying your home. If you’re interested in working with an independent broker or firm, be sure to do your homework; see what real estate associations they’re connected to and vet their credentials before entering into any agreement. Rickman Properties, for example, is an independent, professional, well established Firm of Estate Agents.

  5. Availability and time commitment. Consider whether you want to work with a full-time agent or if you are willing to work with a well seasoned part-time agent. Part-time agents are not uncommon and most will do their jobs effectively and efficiently. You’ll want to communicate your expectations up front though, so that you and your broker are aligned on an agreed-upon time commitment.

  6. Digital marketing expertise. According to a study done in the UK by academic professionals, property firms are seeing success in shifting from traditional marketing techniques to digital techniques. Most firms now use Google search engine and Facebook social sites among other platforms to generate traction with online promotions and marketing campaigns. More than 90% of buyers and sellers look online for listings, and you’ll want your broker to be able to put your listing online as well.

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