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The benefits of professional property management in London

Since 2001, Rickman Properties have offered our professional property management services to many clients who use our letting service. Back then, the majority of clients who took up this offer were mainly overseas and unable to manage the London property. However, these days, many of our landlords who use our services reside in the UK. Read on to find out why they hire our team instead of managing it themselves. 

Back in 2001 our clients who took on our property management service were, all over the world, many in obscure places, where it was quite obvious, that their property could not be managed by the owner whilst residing abroad. Since then, looking through our client list, it’s amazing how long these landlords have used our management service still – a testament to our reliable and efficient service. But over the last few years, we have noticed, that we have many landlords who have taken up our London property management services that reside in the U.K. This statistic went unnoticed until recently when our management department happened to bring this to the attention of Kieran Ryan, our Managing Director and Founder. As we looked through some of the addresses on file we saw our landlords resided in Bury, Scotland, Leicester, Coventry and even London itself. So, our question is, why? Why invest in a professional management service like Rickman Properties Limited if our landlords could manage themselves and hire agents for the day to day jobs?

Why should landlords invest in a professional London property management service?

The benefits of professional property management far outweigh the costs of employing a good agent to handle the day to day repairs etc, and not to forget, the mass of legal requirements that are now required for residential lettings. At Rickman Properties, we have specifically trained staff to handle every management issue, from the basic account’s procedures, serving legal notices (if required) to overseeing the fitting of a new roof!

ALL London properties require some maintenance, even brand-new properties do, (but much less of course). You have to have effective contractors who are responsive and professional. We have very good trades who we have vetted and trialled, some for several years, whom you can rely on. 

Remember, good effective management, results in a happy, content tenant and a well-maintained London property at the end, which can be easily sold!

You know it makes sense. So, contact us today on 020 7937 9777 or email us at to get started.