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“Managing your property from abroad?” 

We have seen a vast increase of phone calls to our management department from distraught landlords who reside overseas wishing for our company to take over the residential property management of their property in midterm of an existing Tenancy. Now whilst I have every sympathy with each and every one of them trying to save on managing agents fees in a very serious economic recession, I cannot stress more enough of how important it is to employ the services of a professional managing agent whilst you reside overseas. Knowing what I know ( for over 28 years) I would never dream of trying to manage my own apartment if posted overseas. Each call we have had is from a Landlord is a distressed one!! Disgruntled tenants paying market rents without heating & hot water in the coldest March for 35 years! Landlords from Australia, Singapore etc which all have many hours time difference trying to make arrangements for repairs?

In our experience, these issues have cost the landlord more financially than the extra fees for managing professionally, let alone the stress even a small problem can cause!

If you are thinking of going overseas and letting your property we would be delighted to discuss our management service with you by calling this office and our head of Property Management department Suki Thavarajah would be delighted to discuss this with you.

03/04/13 By Suki Thavarajah
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